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What You Eat Matters

All of us need to eat to live. So, every day we have a choice to use each meal as an opportunity to do something good for ourselves. What we eat matters because we can improves our lives by eating a more nutritious diet.
Eating healthier foods gives you more energy.  As college students, we need as much energy as we can get to make it through each day of classes, internships, studying, and socializing. Our food can fuel us to do our best in all these endeavors. If you find yourself feeling tired and sluggish every day, try updating your diet. Some ideas for food that can provide you more energy: Eat lean proteins like turkey and chickenHealthy carbohydrates like whole grains (brown bread, brown rice, barley, etc.)For a quick pick-me-up throughout the day, snack on high-protein, whole foods like nuts and seeds.  
What you eat can also affect your mood. While foods high in sugar can give you an initial jolt of energy, they will lead you to feel sluggish and have more cravings throughout t…

School is starting and I'm not ready!!

School is starting and I am not ready!!
What do you do when you don’t feel ready to start school? You had 6 weeks off and it just didn’t seem long enough! This happens to everyone after a vacation or even a weekend. We have so much to accomplish on our “mental” list for our time off of work and school. So what can you do? Well, these tips might help you prepare yourself for the semester. 1.Think positive! It is only a 16 weeks of school with a spring break thrown in there! It will be over quicker than you can imagine, just like all the rest of your past semesters.
2.Make summer vacation plans so you have something to look forward to when you are amidst the stress of school. How about camping on the beach or a road trip to Las Vegas? Planning a trip can always help you feel better.
3.Start preparing this weekend. It might get you more excited about the new semester. The beginning is always the best! a.Print your syllabi b.Google your professor and see how awesome they are! c.Order or bu…