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5 Tips to Make Your Summer Trip Perfect!

Let’s face it—we’ve all been counting down the days to be free of homework and school projects! You are ready to start your summer adventures. I’ll admit that since the beginning of the semester I’ve been planning (and daydreaming) about my upcoming summer trips. Here’s some tips to make your vacation the best ever!

1.Research your destination. Whether it is a planned trip or even a last-minute trip, make sure you do some research about where you are going. It helps with packing and can save you extra money. Also if you are going on for a specific reason—food, the scenery, festivals—it will help you make the most of your time. For instance, I am a HUGE foodie. Whenever I travel I look for Yelp reviews and articles on the areas close to where I am staying. A lot of the time they will have specials that can only be unlocked on Yelp such as 10% off your meal or happy hour specials after 6:00 PM. Some extra things to research: ΓΌWhat are the specific laws in the area? If road…