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Top 10 Ways to Get Better Grades @ The Beach

1.Take effective notes Learning what notetaking style works best for you will ensure that you’re able to retain the information you’re writing down. Whether it’s bullet points, drawing diagrams, or using your tablet, figure out what method works best for you. 2.Study methods that work for you Once you’ve mastered your note taking skills, understanding your learning style will help you with your studying. offers a learning style quiz that can help you figure out which studying style will help you best retain information. 3.Pay attention to the syllabus
Most professors design their syllabus to be a one stop shop for FAQs, scheduling questions, grade calculations, etc. Make sure you read the syllabus at the beginning of the year, and refer back to it before asking your professor any questions. 4.CSULB Tutoring CSULB offers tutoring in a variety of subjects from math to the humanities. If you’re falling behind in class, want to workshop an essay, or just need extra clarific…