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Alcohol Poisoning. Can This Happen?

Since summer is just around the corner, we all are excited to celebrate being finished with the semester and our vacation time! Some people choose to celebrate with alcohol and we encourage those who do drink, to celebrate responsibly! Many young people think that they will never experience alcohol poisoning, but it can happen fast, especially when you are not aware of how many drinks you have consumed. Alcohol poisoning is a scary thing to witness or go through yourself. First let’s go over what a stand drinks are so we can keep track of how many drinks we’ve had. 1 Standard drink = 12 oz. of beer or 1.5 oz. of liquor or 5 oz. of wine When someone drinks alcohol, it gets absorbed into the bloodstream, which creates intoxication. The level of intoxication can be measured by their blood alcohol content, also known as BAC.Tolerance masks the effects of alcohol, someone may feel fine but their BAC level will show their level of intoxication. Also, BAC continues to rise after someone stops …

Internal v.s. External Condoms

What images come to mind when someone says the word “condom”? A small, square shaped packet? A sex ed teacher using a banana as a display model? Most people tend to think of external condoms as the only types of condoms available, however there is another type of condom that lots of folks don’t even know about! Internal, or “female” condoms, are another type of condom that is a great option for people seeking protection from STI’s and pregnancy. It does this by creating a barrier between your genitals, and your partner(s).
Internal Condoms
Internal condoms are 79-95% effective, and are made of nitrile, which makes them a great option if you have a latex allergy/sensitivity. Female condoms look like large external condoms with a flexible plastic ring inside. 
Check the expiration date. Carefully open the packaging and take out the condom. To insert the condom squeeze the inner ring between your thumb and middle finger. From there you can insert the ring into your vagina until the ring fu…

Sun Safety: Take Care of Your Skin

On average, Long Beach gets 287 sunny days per year—that’s a lot of possible sun damage! The sun gives off powerful ultra violet (UV) rays that have the potential to damage our skin. UV rays are harmful because they damage the DNA of our cells. Extreme or prolonged periods of sun exposure can lead to wrinkling, premature aging, and even skin cancer. There are several different ways to protect yourself from harmful UV radiation.

1. Dress Wisely
Choosing an outfit that will protect you from the sun is one easy way for you to minimize the damaging effects of the sun. Tight knit long sleeve shirts, wide-brimmed hats, and sunglasses are all great ways to help prevent UV rays from reaching your skin. Don’t forget those sneaky areas that need protection: the back of your neck, your ears, and even the top of your feet! 2. Location, Location, Location!
Moving into an area with more shade, or creating some shade of your own (hello, beach umbrella!) is another easy solution to help prevent skin dam…

The Beach is Here For You! Support Groups at CSULB

College is one of the most memorable and fun experiences of our lives, but between school-related stress, personal life stress and in some cases personal trauma, college can also be one of the most stressful times of our lives. Luckily, The Health Resource Center (HRC), Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), and other on campus organizations offer many support groups to help you rise above the stress in your life. The following are a list of on-campus support groups and resources available to you at CSULB!
CAPS Groups: CAPS located in Brotman Hall room 226 also offers groups that cover a variety of topics, such as:
Finding Your Calm: Tools For Coping With Anxiety: A 6-week structured group that will help attendees learn strategies to help them cope with anxiety. The first round of sessions has already started but the next round will start on April 2nd. This group is held in Brotman Hall room 226 on Mondays from 11am-12:15pm. If you have any more questions you can call CAPS at (562)…