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A Guide to Better Sleep for the College Student

1. Make a schedule and stick to it! Set a time to wake up and when to go to sleep by organizing your day hourly. Remember, this will only be effective if you start your day when you originally planned it.

2. Avoid caffeine before bed Try to avoid caffeinated beverages such as energy drinks, tea, soda and chocolate, 6 hours before calling it a night. This will allow your body just enough time to digest it and leave your system.

3. Eat about 2-3 hours before going bed Food has calories, which equal energy! You need them to get you through your day. However, allow your body time to digest your meals for better quality sleep.

4. Hydrate! Replenish your body with plenty of water throughout your day to keep your body going. Drinking water is really important, to switch things up, add lemon and cucumber with mint or mix in some berries. It is delicious and refreshing!

5. Nap Wisely Napping is a great way to let your brain and eyes recharge as well as increase creativity to get you through your schola…

Addiction and Recovery in College

The word “addiction” usually carries a negative connotation to it. People think of addicts as typically being unemployed or violent or even uneducated. Many would be surprised then to discover that, according to, “Those who are enrolled in a full time college program are twice more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol than those who don’t attend college.”             This can be attributed to the many masks that addiction can wear and a variety of social-environmental factors that include stress from school, peer pressure, and experimentation with different substances. It’s not just alcohol addiction, there is also addiction to drugs such as marijuana, Adderall, and even diet pills.  By understanding addiction and creating an open discussion about recovery, we can begin to heal ourselves and destigmatize the concept.             To this end, CSULB has established a collegiate recovery community known as Beach Recovery. Their main goal is to educate people about addict…

Self Care at the Beach

Self-Care @ The Beach             In between trying to get caught up on class readings, fitting in those internship hours, and scheduling that group project meet-up that you’ve been putting off, self-care is the last thing that’s on the mind of many college students. Far too often, students find themselves buried in their list of things to do and forget to pay their own well-being the respect that it deserves. With self-care, it is most effective to do little things more often than to wait for that big vacation that only comes once a year. Just as a car runs better with regular maintenance, so will you with regular self-care and self-love. The key is to incorporate little things into your day to give some attention to your mind, body, and spirit. Mind -Pay yourself a compliment! oNo, really. Take some time to really pause and reflect on the things that you take pride in and love about yourself. -Unplug yourself oGive yourself a little break from the needs of others and utilize that time …