Self Care at the Beach

Self-Care @ The Beach
            In between trying to get caught up on class readings, fitting in those internship hours, and scheduling that group project meet-up that you’ve been putting off, self-care is the last thing that’s on the mind of many college students. Far too often, students find themselves buried in their list of things to do and forget to pay their own well-being the respect that it deserves. With self-care, it is most effective to do little things more often than to wait for that big vacation that only comes once a year. Just as a car runs better with regular maintenance, so will you with regular self-care and self-love. The key is to incorporate little things into your day to give some attention to your mind, body, and spirit.
-        Pay yourself a compliment!
o   No, really. Take some time to really pause and reflect on the things that you take pride in and love about yourself.
-        Unplug yourself
o   Give yourself a little break from the needs of others and utilize that time doing something for yourself.
-        Start a journal!
o   Reflection is a powerful technique that can aid in healthy processing of all the things that are going on in our lives. Starting with just a few days a week can help in transitioning this practice into your life.
-        Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it
o   As a CSULB student, we have resources available to you if you need professional counseling or psychological services. If you feel that you need help, you don’t need to do it alone. For more information, visit the CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) website at or contact them by phone at (562)985-4001.
-        Take a quick nap
o   A quick 10-15 minute power nap can help in re-energizing your mind!
-        Make that doctor’s appointment you’ve been putting off
o   Make a little time to get caught up on immunizations and receive that annual check-up
-        Check out a new class!
o   To take on healing of the mind, body, and spirit, check out our Yoga for Healing class! For more information about this program, contact Kristen Fabiszewski by phone at (562)985-7075 or by e-mail at
-        Change the way you perceive your body
o   Challenge yourself to view your body in a more positive light! Check out our Body Positive class to cultivate self-love, reclaim health, and engage with a community to support a Body Positive lifestyle. For more information, contact any of the CSULB Body Positive Leaders:
§  Angela Girard (562)985-4664 or
§  Christina Goldpaint at (562)985-8252 or
§  Kristen Fabiszewski at (562)985-7075 or

-        Have a date with yourself!
o   Do something you love and reconnect with your inner self
-        Tell somebody what they mean to you
o   Express love and you will get love in return.
-        Practice mindfulness

o   Meditation and mindfulness can aid in managing stress and decreasing self-judgement to nourish the soul. Come join our 4 week class! To register, e-mail

By Clara Chang


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