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On-Campus Food Hacks for the Busy Student

On-Campus Food Hacks for the Busy Student             Running late for class and skipped a meal? We’ve all been there. No one wants to sit in class with a grumbling stomach, so here are some quick and hearty meal options you can grab on campus!
Convenience Store Hacks: The Beach Hut, Bookstore, Corner Market, and The Outpost convenience stores are packed with nutritious options for the starving student on the go. Light breakfast options like mini cereal bowls, low fat or 2% milk, or self-serve warm oatmeal with a banana are simple and easy to prepare. Pretzels, nuts, apples, and ready-to-eat sandwiches and salads are the perfect snacks to hold you over until lunch time. You can also grab a healthy fruit smoothie from the beverage brands Naked or Odwalla. Each of these cost $5 or less!
University Dining Plaza (at the USU) Hacks: Beach Walk Café – USU 3rd Floor The Beach Walk Café is packed with nutritious foods and also offers vegan and vegetarian options. Satisfying choices such as the Avoc…

There is No Wrong Way to Have a Body

There is No Wrong Way to Have a Body             As individuals of the CSULB community we are all probably familiar with these common stressors: school, work, personal relationships, money, etc. However, some of us may be hesitant to acknowledge another common worry- poor self-body image.             From a very early age, many external factors can condition girls to think that their appearance is the most important thing about them. Whether it’s the media, family, or peers, the idea of what a girls are supposed to look like is hammered into their minds. Guys don’t fare any better. Boys are exposed to the media's idea of what a man is supposed to look like: muscular, handsome, and fearless. We are presented with these unobtainable body images and are expected to try and look like them. For both boys and girls, not meeting any or all of these qualifications can lead to feelings of inadequacy and self-loathing.             The bottom line is this: there is too much stress and pressure…

Smoking or Vaping on Campus? Sorry! After Sept 1 No More

Smoking or Vaping on Campus? Sorry! After Sept 1 No More CSULB students, welcome back to The Beach! We have a new policy that will go into effect this semester: Starting September 1st, 2016 our campus will be smoke, vapor, and tobacco free. This new policy is being implemented through the BREATHE campaign, which promotes everyone’s right to breathe fresh air. If you’re curious as to how this new policy may affect you, check out scenarios below:
Non-Smokers Scenario 1: You’re leaving the library after a long study session with your Starbucks in hand, bag full of books, and a look that says you are ready to go home. You step outside and your nostrils are soon hit with the smell of second-hand smoke. Fumes are everywhere and now they are all you can notice.
Impact on You: This scenario will soon be a thing of the past. Starting September 1st, smoking, vaping, and tobacco products will be prohibited on campus.
Side Note: Although you may not be a smoker, you’re probably aware of how difficult…

Party Safe

Party Safe
Welcome to college! A place where you can practically do whatever the heck you want. Woo-hoo! You’re finally an adult. There is no more curfew, no more having to be bossed around by mom and dad, or hearing your mother yell, “go do your chores!” But of course, with independence comes a great deal of responsibility. 
There comes a time in every teen’s life when they have to leave the nest and branch off into the real world. For many of us, that real world is college. Many students, particularly freshman, are eager to “get wild” and “cut loose” because they have never been exposed to so much freedom. A huge part of the college experience is a student’s social life. In college, there are going to be so many parties and social events and it will be important to prioritize your safety while having a good time. Below are some tips on how you can party safe.  
Now, imagine you are at your first college party and there’s alcohol everywhere—lots of it. You’re not a big fan of alcoho…