On-Campus Food Hacks for the Busy Student

On-Campus Food Hacks for the Busy Student
            Running late for class and skipped a meal? We’ve all been there. No one wants to sit in class with a grumbling stomach, so here are some quick and hearty meal options you can grab on campus!

Convenience Store Hacks:
The Beach Hut, Bookstore, Corner Market, and The Outpost convenience stores are packed with nutritious options for the starving student on the go. Light breakfast options like mini cereal bowls, low fat or 2% milk, or self-serve warm oatmeal with a banana are simple and easy to prepare. Pretzels, nuts, apples, and ready-to-eat sandwiches and salads are the perfect snacks to hold you over until lunch time. You can also grab a healthy fruit smoothie from the beverage brands Naked or Odwalla. Each of these cost $5 or less!

University Dining Plaza (at the USU) Hacks:
Beach Walk Café – USU 3rd Floor
The Beach Walk Café is packed with nutritious foods and also offers vegan and vegetarian options. Satisfying choices such as the Avocado Chicken Wrap, Protein Bowl, and Turkey Pesto Sandwich are just some of the many healthy menu items available here. Everything on the menu costs under $8.

El Pollo Loco – USU 2nd Floor
Not looking for a full meal? El Pollo Loco’s sides such as seasoned rice, black beans, corn, or steamed broccoli can be paired with a leg of El Pollo Loco’s famous fire-grilled chicken for a small yet filling lunch. Sides cost as little as $1.89 for small and $3.59 for large.

Subway – USU 2nd Floor
Customize your Subway sandwich with whole grain breads and a variety of fresh vegetables. Take advantage of the six-inch sub of the day for only $3.50 and stretch your dollar! There are seven different sandwiches to choose from, one for each day of the week, like tuna or sweet onion chicken teriyaki. It’s a great way to sample the menu and silence that growling stomach.

            Get creative with the food options available here on campus. With a little searching, you’re sure to find delicious and affordable food on campus to keep you going!

by Monica Roque



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