Can Study Drugs Lead to Better Grades?

Can Study Drugs Lead to Better Grades?

When major exams come up, the pressure is on. Many college students throughout the nation hit the books only to realize that studying for a few hours may not be enough to make the grade. Prescription drugs such as Adderall, Ritalin, and Vyvanse are stimulants used to treat individuals diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In 2014, 9.6% of full-time college students used Adderall in the United States. A majority of those who have used Adderall and other stimulants have taken them for nonmedical reasons in order to concentrate on studying for long hours without feeling tired.
These “study drugs” affect one’s attention span, self-discipline, and impulse control ultimately allowing a person to focus on the task at hand, whether it be a 10-page essay or a cram session for a big chemistry exam. However, it is illegal to use, purchase, or sell these medications without a valid prescription. If caught, a person engaging in any one of these actions could be charged with a felony.
Another problem with drugs like Adderall is that they can be habit-forming. Sure, they can give you that extra edge you need to study harder but abusing study drugs over time can lead to depression, anxiety, tremors, addiction, and many more adverse side effects. So why put yourself at risk when there are other ways to get better grades? We all know that college is not a walk in the park, so if you think you could improve your study habits or if you feel overwhelmed with school, there are resources on campus to help you!

Learning Assistance Center (LAC) at Horn Center

Drop-in tutoring is available at the LAC to help you become more academically successful. Tutors are available during specific hours throughout the week. Get help on subjects like biology, business, chemistry, math, and various GE and Humanities courses and learn valuable study tips that will maximize your learning. Individual tutoring is also offered for $13 per 50-minute session. This is a great low-cost method if you want a tutoring experience that is more tailored to your needs and goals. For more information, call the LAC at (562) 985-5350 or visit Horn Center Room 104.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at Brotman Hall
Sometimes, life comes at you from all directions. It can get stressful very quickly when school, family obligations, relationships, and personal goals demand your attention all at the same time. CAPS, or Counseling and Psychological Services, at Brotman Hall Room 226 offers short-term individual counseling, group counseling, and career development counseling with mental health professionals. Call (562) 985-4001 or visit to learn more.

Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs (ATOD) 
ATOD is located in the Student Health Services building. We offer free substance abuse counseling for students. Talking to someone confidentially can be very helpful in figuring out your situation and how to make changes. Call (562) 985-4609 for more information. 

by Monica Roque


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