CSULB's Wellness Programs to Help you De-Stress

Student Health Services cares about you. Which is why we have various services to help you de-stress because your well-being is our priority. These services are free, meaning they have been paid for in your tuition. Take advantage of what you already paid for! These resources are all located on campus, it is convenient, free, and beneficial.

Offered every Wednesday at 3:00, 3:30, and 4:00 p.m. at Student Health Services.
This is a great way for students not only looking to destress but those who are trying to quit smoking, and/or participate in Beach Recovery.
To schedule an appointment call 562.985.4609.

Yoga for Healing
8-week series that combines gentle yoga and guided activities in a supportive environment.
Trauma-informed yoga incorporates the mind, body, and spirit, providing another pathway for healing from incidences of sexual assault and domestic violence.
Questions? shs-yogaforhealing@csulb.edu or 562.985.7075.

Yoga for Mood
6-week series starting in March!
Explore how yoga, meditation and breathwork can help you better manage your mood, cultivate a sense of calm and relieve stress.
Questions? shs-yogaforhealing@csulb.edu or 562.985.7075.

Thrive at the Beach
Meet one-on-one with a health educator to discuss your health goals.
This program is structured to help with stress reduction, time management, improving quality of sleep, intuitive eating, and fitness.

Koru Mindfulness
4 week class to learn mindfulness and meditation.
Wednesdays 12:30-1:45 p.m. at Student Health Services
Learn how to be more mindful, less stressed, get better sleep and have less self-judgment!
Questions? SHS-Koru@csulb.edu

Stress-Less Workshop
Thursday’s at 3:30 at the Health Resource Center
Get tips on how to manage stress and get to practice a short meditation and deep breathing. You will also receive a stress-o-meter to allow you to regulate your stress levels at any time of the day.

Call 562.985.4609 to schedule an appointment!

By Yesenia Garcia


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