The Top 5 Reasons to use the CSULB Student Health Services!

It’s confidential!
We won’t disclose your health information to anyone but you! We get your cell phone number for every visit so we make sure we are calling you directly! Let us know if you change your number.

It’s free or very low cost!
The Student Health Services is paid for in your tuition! It’s always free to see a clinician at our clinic if you’re not feeling well. There may be a low cost fee for a lab test, vaccines, or medications from our pharmacy. We are a non-profit clinic, and everything we do is at-cost. That means if it costs us $5.00, it costs you $5.00!

We have licensed, qualified medical professionals!
All of our medical staff are fully licensed professionals with years of experience working in a college health setting. Our staff cares about our students at CSULB and wants to help you stay healthy!

There’s lots of services!
Lab, Pharmacy, X-ray, immunization clinic, nutrition counseling, STI testing, birth control, alcohol/drug counseling, AA meetings, smoking cessation, and more!

You can get the Gardasil vaccine for free!

If you’re between 19-26 years of age, you may qualify to get all three shots of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil, for free! If you don’t have health insurance and go to an outside clinic, the vaccine can be $450-750 for all 3 shots! Take advantage of this great service!

By Heidi Girling


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