I need new friends! How to meet quality people

Are you moving into the residence halls as a freshmen? Are you transferring over from another school?  Moving out or moving in and looking for a roommate? Are you hoping to make new friends? With students from over 90 countries and 37,000 students, Cal State Long Beach is the place to be!

Here are tips and tricks to help you take that first step to meeting new people and establishing friendships that will create great memories!

Go to places that you enjoy and find interest in:  It would be beneficial if you shared some interests with your new friends. This allows you to initiate conversation and spiral into other topics that you are both excited about.

Explore!  Don’t limit yourself, get out of your comfort zone. Try something new to make new friends. Maybe you always wanted to learn to rock climb or surf. Take a class at the SRWC or a PE class.  

Get involved: Joining campus organizations, Greek life, or clubs has many benefits. Obviously, a group that interests you is super important and educational. But you also have the opportunity to meet others and network. Most organizations or clubs have volunteer opportunities, retreats, and socials that gives you a great opportunity to socialize and make friends.

Attend campus events: Many departments have their own events held on campus, which make it very convenient and fun. Housing always hosts events, which are usually free (since you paid for it in your housing bill), so take advantage of it! Associated Students Inc. (ASI) also sponsors multiple events throughout the year as well. These are usually free to students. Through ASI you may also find volunteer opportunities to get involved with and make friends!

Leave your door open: This is not only meant metaphorically but if you are living in housing, try to leave your door open when convenient for you and your roommate. Prior communication with your roommate is advised just so that both of you feel comfortable. Leaving your door open puts you out there, getting others to be curious and get the conversation going.

Sit with other people: Try doing this at the dining hall, at the library, in the USU or even on the bus. Introduce yourself, ask their major, or where they are from. It is a simple and effective way of meeting new people. Who knows, maybe you can meet up for lunch at the dining hall for the rest of the semester. Most people want to make new friends, so put yourself out there and smile!

Form study groups! Meet new friends from class and ask to meet up to study. This can be off campus or on campus, whichever is most convenient. Take advantage of study breaks and get to know each other but remember to be productive!

Surround yourself with positive friends that you can be yourself with and have fun with! Friends should help you grow and support you, especially during your college years where there is so many new things to experience.

Be open minded to the possibilities of friendship! 

By Yesenia Garcia


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