10 Fun Facts about CSULB Student Health Services

1. You can get x-rays done for free!!
If you think you may have an injury that needs a deeper look than the naked eye can see, x-ray services are available with our technician. There is no cost for this unless you need a digital copy for a specialist or the hospital (about $5.00).

2. We now offer acupuncture with a licensed acupuncturist!
The acupuncturist uses the ear with the goal of reducing stress and assisting in tobacco cession, as well as a road to recovery. These appointments are done in a group setting with calming music and a chance to unwind while the sterile needs rest in your acupuncture spots of the ear.

3. Use our mind and body wellness programs at no additional cost!
We offer Yoga for Mood to help with emotional balance and Yoga for Healing to help trauma survivors. We offer Koru Mindfulness which is designed for college students to help with stress relief, developing coping mechanisms and breathing techniques. Body Positive promotes self-love and self-care.

4. Free HIV testing!
We offer three different ways for you to get tested for your convenience. A) With a clinician (about 3 days to get results) and using a blood draw; B) With the Health Resource Center HIV test counselors who use a rapid test (20 minutes to get results) that uses a finger prick technique; C) and we also offer the Long Beach Department of Health Mobile Testing Unit once per month (rapid results).   

5. We have psychiatric services!
If you would like to see our psychiatrist, appointments are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Student Health Services. Psychiatrists are physicians who prescribe medications for mental health conditions.

6. Student Health Services has twelve clinicians overall to take care of you at The Beach. 
Our clinicians have different emphasis such as sports medicine, gynecology, and family medicine.

7. We have a Pharmacy with Low Cost medicines and Over the Counter Products!
There about 50 different products and over the counter medicines available at really low cost to you! For example, 100 aspirin costs $1.00; 12 condoms for $2! Visit the Pharmacy counter to see the complete list of our products.

8. Tuberculosis tests most commonly known as TB tests are available for FREE!
Our immunization clinic is available on the first floor of the SHS where you can get your TB tests. Additional services are available such as the Flu shot, Hepatitis A and B, Meningitis, but these do have a cost. For a complete list of services available through the immunization clinic, feel free to stop by our front desk or call 562.985.4771

9. If you are trying to quit smoking we can help!
Our trained health educators can help you with creating a smoking cessation plan and also offer nicotine patches, nicotine gum, and a quit kit. Medication, such as Zyban, is also available.

10. Need help with your diet? We have the answer.
The HRC has a Registered Dietitian who is able to address chronic conditions and we also offer Peer Nutrition Counseling for students with less serious concerns or questions. 


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